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Live at Heart Southeast

About Live at Heart Southeast

Live at Heart Southeast is a new showcase festival and industry event from the southeast coast of Sweden, more specifically in Kalmar County, Sweden. The festival was held for the first time digitally in 2021 and was held physically in September 2022 in both Kalmar & Oskarshamn. Live at Heart Southeast aims to showcase local, national and international talent and have conversations about the future of the music industry. The event will give the participant insightful panels and important keynotes, showcase the best new talent and give the industry, students and artists a platform to meet and network.

Live at Heart Southeast is hosted by Talentcoach via Länsmusiken in Kalmar County and is a collaboration between Live at Heart Örebro, the Kalmar region, and several municipalities in the region.

A showcase festival is a place for networking and a platform for music, discovery and learning. They combine live music, conferences and other meeting spots for people in the music industry worldwide. The festival contains panels, music and meetings that are primarily aimed at the music industry but are open for everyone to watch.


About Live at Heart Örebro

Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences and has been a part of the INES network since 2017. Live at Heart will be held between 31 August and 3 September 2022 in central Örebro. Live at Heart Örebro are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. During Live at Heart, hundreds of artists, filmmakers, industry delegates and thousands of Live at Heart fans come together in the heart of Örebro.


About Talentcoach

We give artists, producers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and creatives within the music business the tools to build a sustainable career within music. Over the years Talentcoach has had acts performing all over the world, and been signed both nationally and internationally.

Talentcoach is based in Kalmar county and has been established since 2011 and have given several acts the opportunity to build their artistic careers. This is done by giving industry support and training in everything from copyright management and entrepreneurial skills to performance support and personal development. The networking part of it is also very important for a future in the music business.


About Länsmusiken

A key word for Länsmusiken is diversity. Therefore, the range of music covers a wide spectrum to arouse curiosity and commitment regardless of age, education, cultural background or disability. Länsmusikens extensive activities make it possible for most people to experience quality music. It provides social justice and opens a door wide open to a richer cultural life.  These are the subjects that Länsmusiken has to offer: Music for children and young people, this is one of Länsmusiken's largest and most important areas, The chamber orchestra Camerata Nordica is, together with Talentcoach, Länsmusiken's leading brands through participation in the county's music life, performances nationally and on the world's music scenes. Länsmusiken also represents Talentcoach and the project Imagine which is a networking and meeting hub for young musicians.


About Kalmar

Kalmar municipality offers a large cultural offer including dance, art, theater, film and crafts. Kalmar also offers a rich range of music with everything from music festivals to small, local gigs. Other music organizations in Kalmar are Länsmusiken, Kalmar Cultural School and other music associations. During the summer, Kalmar invites you to Kalmar Stadsfest. For three days, the city's streets and squares are filled with music and fun activities - and all concerts are free.


About Oskarshamn

Oskarshamn is a city with a vibrant cultural life. The heart is the culture house, where there is something for everyone.There are many talented event organizers in Oskarshamn municipality. They offer everything from large music festivals to smaller lectures and guided tours. One could call Oskarshamn Sweden's largest small music municipality. Latitud57 is also arranged here and is a two-day music festival in the middle of the harbor in beautiful Oskarshamn.


Does the event cost anything?
Tickets are now available HERE.


When will the festival take place?
This year's festival will take place 8-10 september 2022.    


I’m in a band and want to play at the festival?
This year's application has unfortunately already been closed.


I emailed you about playing at Live at Heart Southeast but haven’t heard back?
Since we get a lot of emails and applications to play at the festival we can not respond to everyone. If you haven’t heard back from us this time, please apply again next year.


I’m interested in being part of the conference as a panellist
and/or speaker, how can i apply?

Please drop us a line at conference@southxeast.se and tell us why you should be part of the festival and we’ll get back to you.  


How do I get in contact with you?
Please drop us a line at info@southxeast.se and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  


Who is the organizer of the festival?
The festival is organized and project managed by Talentcoach on behalf of the Kalmar region. Live at Heart Southeast is part of Live at Heart in Örebro.